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A Divine Experience

DelNorm is a non-profit organization committed to providing the best care, community involvement, and quality of life for the MHMR and the special needs community. DelNorm is a large family of consumers who love being there as much as we love having them.


Our success is driven by positive reinforcement. We believe that everyone in life just wants to be understood, loved and heard. We also believe that in order to gain respect, we must give it.  


Each consumer has a separate set of needs. We are still a small enough workshop to be able to meet each set of needs. When a consumer has a passion or a goal, we like to focus on that. We also provide job placement assistance and supported employment. We have a full functioning computer lab, arts/crafts room, gaming/movie room and sensory/therapy room in addition to other main areas. 

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Call us : (512) 832-4705

Fax : 866-512-5366

Find us :  8906 Wall St #103, Austin, Tx 78754